Trace Duskwalker

Male Elf Bard, the main lookout on the Owlbear


Trace is short for an elf. Only 5’6".
He has long blond hair he keeps in a bandana, as well as two different colour eyes.
His two weapons of choice is an elvish longsword he claims was his father’s as well as a longbow he crafted himself.
He mostly keeps to himself because the crew forces him to stay in the crows nest.


Born in a small coastal town he has no memory of. Trace was found in the smoldering wreckage by a family of traveling musicians who happened to be Gnomes.
When he awoke he had no memory of his past life in the coastal village save for a locket that had a picture of his twin sister. His new gnome family accepted him as their own and trained him in the path of the Bard. Turns out that he has a knack for the lute as well as musical magic.
Upon reaching adulthood he ventured off to find answers about his past.
This adventure brought him to a town holding a carnival. As luck would have it the Owlbear crew was also at this carnival.
He befriended them and managed to convince them to allow him to join their crew as the best lookout ever.

Trace Duskwalker

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