Owl bear crew

Owlbear History 2
Raiders of the Fever Sea

When we last saw the crew they had just mutinied against Mr Plugg and Master Scourge taking the “Man’s Promise” as their own. Now the crew has their own ship and a small crew that are mostly loyal to them.
Sandara Quinn, Rossie Cusswell, Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop , and Cut-throat Grok to name a few.
Now they have a ship, a very recognizable ship, at least to Harrigan who is expecting it’s delivery to his island, but Ambrose had a plan. Rather he knew of a place where they could go to refit and the Man’s Promise: Rickety Squibs.
At Rickety Squibs the newly appointed Captain Flynn managed work a deal with Rickety Hake, he would do the work at a minimal price in exchange for a cut of any loot the crew pulls in.
After the refit the crew rename their ship “The Owlbear” and they set off for their new lives on the high seas.
One of their first notable adventures took them to an island off of the mainland where a carnival was taking place. Captain Flynn had fallen ill and sent his ambasadors Merrak, Caerwyn, and Leogold to shore to investigate. Upon landing they were greeted by a very drunk Elf named Trace Duskwalker who agreed to show them around. The carnival was a fantastic good time. The rides were exciting, the beer was delicious, the candy apples were to die for. Fantastic, until it turned out that the carnival was run by the fae and was a plow to take over the town and all the attractions were grotesque. The crew teamed up with Trace and managed to save the town from the evil Fae. Caerwyn decided to stay behind on the island with her new lover, the mayors daughter. The rest of the crew waved goodbye to their old crewmate not ready for what was waiting for them in the future.
The town of the carnival also helped the crew by resupplying the kitchen. a large portion is in liquid assets of wine, beer, and various other alcohols but most importantly it carried the newest crew member: Twitch. A Gnome Bard with an interesting attitude towards the others. The crew was wary of their new crewmate for the first while but they did warm up to her as time went on.
Ambrose suggested to the crew that they begin looking for a base of operations. He suggests Tide Water Rock. A fortress of a tower that is not claimed by any pirate lord. It wouldn’t be an easy campaign to “crack the rock” but it would cement their names in the eyes of the pirate council. Along the way to Tide Water Rock the crew was attacked by many sahuagin. One of the sahaugin that attacked wore a particularly fine necklace of coral and Platinum which Kaimana claimed as her own. They manage to capture one alive, a scrawny one by the name of Kelprot. He quickly wins over the other new member, Twitch, and with her help he convinced them that he is no threat.
Tide Water Rock was quite the feat to conquer. It tested the crews skills of infiltration and stealth. Some pulled ahead more than others. Kaimana attempted to blend in a lamp. A LAMP! But after many perilous battles with guards and the Lady of the tower, Lady Agasta Smythee, the tower was theirs. Captain Flynn immediately started to make the tower his own by putting up drapes that he acquired on another piratical adventure.
A few days after the crew took Tide Water Rock as their own fortress they spot sails on the horizon. Late on a moonless night a ship flying an unfamiliar jolly roger was spotted. The crew was slow to react to the threat. The ship had a crew of sahuagin on board as well as another squad poised to attack from bellow. By the time the crew was mustered and ready to fight the tower was already over run by sahuagin. The crew managed to fight their way up the tower yet again to meet the one who ordered the attack, a tattooed sorceress named Isabella “Inkskin” Locke.
The battle was fierce with Locke. She managed to get the upper hand but not for long. The crew worked in perfect harmony to take down the sorceress. Twitch distracting her with hideous laughter, Merrak and Leogold striking from the front and Flynn from behind. Kaimana controlled the weather in order to keep Locke on the ground. Isabella Locke, with her final breath, oppened up a rip in space and time with the hopes of sucking Captain Flynn through, but Leogold jumped in to defend his captain and pushed Flynn out of the way but was sucked in himself.
With the battle won it was revealed that Locke was sent there from Krellort, the self appointed king of the sahuagin. Locke also had a map tattooed on her back granting directions to “Mancatcher Cove,” The mythical resting place of Captain Cyrus Wolfe’s treasure. Locke also carried with her a rapier that soon became one of Captain Flynn’s most prized weapons: Brines Sting.
Unfortunately the battle of Tide Water Rock was not without its casualties. Kelprot fell defending the front entrance from further infiltration of sahuagin. The crew took the time to set up graves for both Leogold and Kelprot before setting off to “Mancatcher Cove.”
The map leads the crew to a small unnamed island in the southwest of the Shackles. The riddle on the map did not prove too difficult for the crew to solve and they managed to reach the caves under the island. The location of the treasure as well as the sahuagin king Krellort. Upon entering the cave they soon realize that they are going to need to breath under water. Luckily they locate a chest containing 4 potions of water breathing as well as a bottle of coke with the name “Drew” written across the label. They also locate a make shift prison cell with a man chained up. A Kelish Ranger named Barack who had recently journeyed through the Mawangi Expanse. The crew frees him and he signs a hastily drawn up contract with Captain Flynn making him a part of the Owlbear crew.
The crew fight their way through the caves only getting lost twice and manage to make it to the throne room to face off against their latest foe Krellort, King of the sahuagin. The battle was brief and they dispense of him quickly. The crew takes what treasure they could carry out with them including a new figure head for the “Owlbear” called Besmara’s Bones.
The crew now has the attention of the Pirate Council and has been summoned post haste to Port Peril where they will be tested to see if they have what it takes to become Free Captain’s of the Shackles.

History of the Owlbear & Its Crew
From Humble Beginnings

It begins as all good stories do: with everyone waking up in an unknown location with no memory of the night before. Our party came to in the hold of a draughty and damp ship, no land in sight. Once the freshly awoken group roused themselves from their splitting headaches and parched throats, they were ushered to the top deck of the ship. Once there they were greeted by the crew of the "Wormwood". Our party was told they have to join the crew or be thrown overboard to keep the sharks company. At the time the party consisted of: * Flynn Bandabrass the Halfling Rogue * Merrak mos Ilka the Half-Orc Fighter * Caerwyn the Half-Elf Paladin * Kaimana the Undine Druid * Leogold the Baker Dwarf Baker As the weeks dragged on they learned their place in the crew and did their duty, but the long, hot, and humid days dragged on. The captain of the Wormwood, Barnabas Harrigan was rarely seen on deck, but his presence is always felt through his subordinates Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge. As morale on board began to dip, first mate Mr. Plugg decided to have a little fun with the newbies. A wrestling match between one of them and Tim "Owlbear" Hartshorn, a beast of a man. Most within the ship believed that the Half-Orc Merrak, a giant within his own right, would be the one to tackle "Owlbear". However, it was Flynn the halfling who decided to step up to the task. He fought with the massive man, struggling at first, but then using his superior speed and agility to overcome the lumbering brute; bringing him to his knees with relative ease. This act bought the respect of the pressganged crew and a few allies as well; one of whom was Sandra Quinn, a cleric of Besmara. The week went on uneventfully, until the Wormwood's lookout cried from above "Sails on the horizon! Neutral colours!". A defensless trade ship was spotted in the distance, a ripe target for the novice crew, and a chance to show their worth. The battle did not last very long, and the Wormwood managed to capture the trade ship, known as the "Man's Promise", with ease. Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge were given command of the ship to return it to their base of operations where it would be stripped, as Harrigan believed that this ship wasn't worthy of becoming part of his fleet. Now that the crew had been split it was double the work and half the rest on board the "Man's Promise". A few days after separating from the Wormwood a storm hits and ran the ship ashore off of Bonewrack isle; the natives of which were less than hospitable. The natives of the island managed to infiltrate the ship during the night and kidnap part of the crew. Once awake, the remaining crew quickly realized their shortened numbers, and devised a plan to get their crew back, as they needed them to be able to sail "The Man's Promise". The party headed off to rescue them only to be met by the Broodmother of the Grindalows and her giant mutant son, "the Whale". After a hard fought battle the party rescued their crew mates and returned to the "Man's Promise". Along the way they are convinced that they would make better captains and that a mutiny is in order. Upon arrival back at the Man's Promise they dispatch Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge with ease and win the "Man's Promise" as their own. They did however need a new command structure, and seeing as Flynn had proven himself a capable fighter as well as a cunning negotiator (not to mention the one who set off all this talk of mutiny in the first place) the remaining crew elected Flynn Bandabrass Captain of the newly (and unofficially) christened "Owlbear". The "Man's Promise" was renamed in honour of Flynn's masterful defeat of the aforementioned brute. Kaimana was then appointed First Mate for her innate abilities to navigate waterways. Merrak was appointed Bosun, in charge of the maintenance of the ship (due to his engineering knowledge) and the discipline of the crew (because he was big and scary). Caerwyn the Paladin was designated Chaplain, for obvious reasons. Finally, Leogold the Baker was made the baker of the ship. The crew then set off into the sunset to pursue their own quests and find their own paths in life, free of service from the nasty Captain Harrigan, but wary of his inevitable revenge. 

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